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Clare Piro Mediation
500 Mamaroneck Avenue Suite 320
Harrison, NY 10528 (Map)

Divorce & Elder Care Mediation

Clare A. Piro is an experienced attorney and mediator providing mediation and legal services to individuals seeking to resolve their conflict in a direct and non-litigious manner.

Mediation services include divorce mediation, elder-care mediation, LGBT mediation, family mediation and child inclusive mediation. Legal services include consulting and review attorney services for a party in mediation.

Mediation services are available at 500 Mamaroneck Avenue in Harrison, NY. Upon request, meetings may be scheduled at 800 Westchester Avenue in Rye Brook; 2 Overhill Road in Scarsdale; and 445 Hamilton Avenue in White Plains. Online mediation is also available by request.

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Mediation Services

Divorce Mediation

While the negative aspects of divorce are often exacerbated in litigation or attorney centered negotiations, mediation puts the divorcing couple in control of the resolution process with the assistance of a neutral mediator.

Child Inclusive Mediation

Including the child's voice in mediation can improve the outcomes for family mediation, including cases that were being litigated in the court system.

Elder Care Mediation

Elder care family disputes are well suited to resolution through mediation. The mediation process provides a forum for all interested parties to speak in a safe environment and come to a resolution.
Mediation Blog
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{3 minutes to read} I understand that there are some mediators in favor of mediation via email. Those that I have encountered are conducting commercial or other multi-party mediations. The positive aspects include:  easier scheduling; parties from other states, or even countries, [...]
{4 minutes to read} Are all family disputes the same? Of course not. Divorce mediation is different from mediation involving the contest or interpretation of the provisions of a Will or Trust Agreement. But clearly, they have similarities: Ongoing Relationships While some familial relati [...]
In this video, the last of the series on Equitable Distribution, we look at the implications of the statute to parties in mediation. It is important for clients to know what the law provides, and what is likely to happen in Court, whether they are in mediation or not. Then, when in media [...]
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Online Mediation Available

In response to COVID-19 I am providing family and divorce mediation services online. Click to learn more.