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Frequently Asked Questions
Divorce Mediation
Do The Parties Need a Lawyer?
Who Attends A Mediation?
How Long Does Mediation Take?
Is Mediation Mandatory?
Why Do Mediation?
Can I Meet with the Mediator Alone?
How Much Will Mediation Cost?
What Qualities Do You Want In A Mediator?
Does the Mediator Decide What Happens?
Can We Mediate If We Disagree?
Why Couples Choose to Work with Clare Piro as Their Mediator?
What are some Misconceptions About Mediation?
Post-Divorce Mediation
My Agreement Says That We Have to Mediate Before Litigating. How Do I Do That?
We Didn't Originally Mediate Our Divorce, and Can We Mediate Now?
What Kinds of Matters Can Be Mediated After Our Divorce?
What Happens After We Mediate?
Elder Care Mediation
My Mother Is In The Early Stages of Dementia. How Can She Be A Party To This?
Where Would The Mediation Take Place?
If I Suspect Abuse, Can I Still Mediate?
Who Can Attend A Mediation?
Consulting and Review
Why Should I See an Attorney?
What Does a "Mediation Friendly Attorney" Mean?
What is the Difference Between a Consulting Attorney and a Review Attorney?
How Much Will This Cost?
Child Inclusive Mediation
Does the child come to the mediation?
When Can Child Inclusive Mediation Occur?
What ages of children and cases are appropriate for child inclusive mediation?
What if my child doesn’t want to talk?
Does the child consultant tell us what to do?
What is the difference between child focused and child inclusive mediation?
Does the child consultant meet with all of the children together?
How long do the child consultations take?
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Online Mediation Available

I am providing family and divorce mediation services online. Click to learn more.